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Odessa Sturgeon Breeding Complex LLC

Welcome to the official site of the company Odessa Sturgeon Breeding Complex LLC.

Our enterprise is a pedigree reproducer of the disappearing aboriginal species of Sturgeons listed in the Red List, as well as Carps, Herbivorous, and Predators.

Odessa Sturgeon Breeding Complex LLC is a major supplier of fishery products both in the Ukrainian and the world market.

Our advantages:

We grow fish in natural conditions and on fodder in the Danube River

More than 10 years of successful work in the Ukrainian market

We carry out delivery throughout

We can send goods anywhere
in the world

Send a message,
and we will contact you

Our pride:

The pride of our company is the production of premium black and gold caviar.

sterlet caviar

Sterlet Black Caviar

russian sturgeon caviar

Black caviar of Russian sturgeon

siberian sturgeon caviar

Black caviar of Siberian sturgeon

albino sterlet caviar

Golden Caviar of Albino Sterlet

beluga caviar

Black Beluga caviar




New Year
28 December 2019
Happy New Year

The team of Odessa Sturgeon Breeding Complex LLC sincerely wishes everyone a Happy New Year!(Our work schedule during the holidays)

01 September 2019
Modernization of the Sturgeon complex

On August 14, 2019, the Odessa Sturgeon Complex LLC participated in the competitive selection within the framework of the program of the Odessa regional administration of preferential lending to small and medium-sized businesses.

12 July 2019
Season of sale of products is open!

The Odessa sturgeon complex accepts orders for carp larvae, silver carp, white carp, and hybrid carp, hybrid carp.

Ecotourism in nature reserves