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The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve is a labyrinth of water and land made up of countless lakes, channels and islands. In 1991 the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Our enterprise «ODESSA STURGEON BREEDING COMPLEX» LLC offers you a wonderful vacation in the Danube Delta (Stentsovsky Wetlands) near Lesky village, 10 kilometers away from a small city Vylkove, Kiliysky district, Odessa region.

This is a wonderful place for those who prefer environmentally friendly tourism, fishing, corporate leisure trips, family vacations and wildlife photographing.

We are glad to offer:

  • cook and waiters service
  • 2-3 meals per day
  • boat tour along the Stentsovsky Wetlands
  • fishing points
  • boat and fishing equipment rental
  • fishing bait
  • game warden service
  • souvenirs