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Odessa sturgeon complex

pedigree producer

«ODESSA STURGEON BREEDING COMPLEX» LLC is a unique aquaculture enterprise
in the south of Ukraine.
Our company was incorporated in 2006.

«ODESSA STURGEON BREEDING COMPLEX» LLC is a pedigree reproducer of the purebred lines of the disappearing Wild-type species of Sturgeon such as Siberian (Acipenser Baerii), Russian (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii), Sterlet (Acipense Ruthenus), Beluga (Huso Huso), Sevruga (Acipenser Stellatus) and their hybrids as well as Cyprinids, Herbivores and Predators which reside in the north end of the Black Sea and the Danube Delta.

We rear our fish near to the territory of the Danube Biosphere Reserve in conditions which are close to natural and this makes it possible to get a healthy and strong fry of the indigenous species of fish. Advanced technologies that are used in the farm enable us to reproduce the full life cycle of fish – from egg to egg.

The wide range of products includes:

  • Black and rare Golden sturgeon caviar which are considered to be ones of the world’s great delicacies. Natural environment of sturgeon breeding ensure for a stunning flavor and quality of caviar;
  • Marketable fish (scaly carp, ukrainian frame carp, hybrid carp, mirror carp, silver carp, bighead carp, etc);
  • Wild type sturgeon fertilized eggs which are far-famed for big and strong offspring;
  • Juveniles for releasing into rivers and lakes. They have a big size and a strong immune system.

«ODESSA STURGEON BREEDING COMPLEX» LLC is a large supplier of aquaculture products in ukrainian and world market.


production area №1

Karnaliyivka, Odessa region (77 km away from Odessa)

production area №2

Vylkove, Odessa region (220 km away from Odessa)


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