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Discounts up to 40% of the cost of caviar

“ODESSA ODESSA STURGEON BREEDING COMPLEX” LLC is pleased to offer to consider an offer for the sale of natural black granular caviar of sturgeon fish such as Beluga, Siberian (Lena) sturgeon, Russian sturgeon and Sterlet, as well as exclusive golden pearl caviar of Albino Sterlet.

caviar of sturgeon fishWe rare our fish in aquaculture conditions that are as close to natural, that allows us to obtain healthy and strong youth of all types of fish and exclusively natural (eco) products, in particular black and golden sturgeon caviar.

Packing by 30, 50, 100 and 500 grams tins made by DESJARDIN, France.

Our products have all the necessary certificates and the quality of caviar meets European standards.

Especially for the end of the summer season # 2020 we offer unique conditions – discounts up to 40% of the cost of caviar for you and your loved ones!

Hurry up to buy natural eco sturgeon caviar at a nice price – the number of products is limited.

We accept applications by phone / Viber / WhatsApp: +38 (067) 483-03-01