Odessa Sturgeon Breeding Complex LLC

Fish rearing in aquaculture and pond farms

About us

Odessa Sturgeon Breeding Complex LLC is a unique pedigree reproducer of disappearing indigenous species of fish. It is located in the Deltas of the Danube and Dniester rivers in the south of Ukraine.

Our company consists of two production sections:

Recirculating aquaculture system section. It is situated at a distance of 77 km from Odessa. Here we grow sturgeons (full cycle- from egg to egg) in conditions which meet the highest standards. We use in RAS pure artesian water, warming and cooling water systems, the unique ozonization system, multistage filters, UV water treatment, etc.
         Full-system fishery section. It is situated in the ecological zone of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. We rear our fish in conditions which are maximally close to natural and use only purebred lines of the Wild type species. This makes it possible for us to get a healthy fry with a strong immune system and high rate of growth. Our fish have a unique natural flavor.
In the Full-system fishery section we have an incubation unit where our high quality specialists get fertilized eggs and rear fry. The most important thing for us is to use only purebred lines to get strong fry and the first reproduction hybrids. 

Fish processing unit and Sturgeon caviar production line are our pride where we produce  a Premium class Huso Huso, Siberian sturgeon, Sterlet caviar, etc.
Our caviar has larger grains than the similar types of caviar produced in many European countries.